November 2-4, 2010

Denver Marriott West
1717 Denver West Boulevard
Golden, CO 80401
(303) 279-9100


This meeting is a peer review of the U.S. Department of Energy's Smart Grid Program. The Smart Grid program resides within the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability. The event is open to the public and will bring together the world's leaders working on the research, development and deployment of Smart Grid technologies.  There have been a number of exciting advancements in the field over the last year, and this forum gives the Smart Grid community an opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and integration activities.

Suggested Attire: Suggested attire is business casual.

About Peer Reviews

A peer review is a documented, critical evaluation performed by technical experts who are independent of the work being reviewed. The peer review process is an important tool for assessing the U.S. Department of Energy's portfolio of projects by evaluating its goals, objectives, strategy, productivity, and leadership. In addition, it affords an opportunity for industry, national laboratories, and the academic community to network, share best practices, and seek areas of synergy.

The peer review provides program managers with high-quality technical input that can be used to make decisions, set priorities, and allocate resources. It also improves project management and productivity. The peer review process provides:

  • The project team with an expert, unbiased assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and specific changes that would improve the project
  • Public accountability for use of public funds
  • A forum for interested parties to learn about the program's status and plans
  • A forum for program participants to learn aspects of other participants' work that is not otherwise available
  • A basis for identifying the most outstanding projects for potential recognition
  • A basis for identifying the weakest projects so they can be improved or ended before the completion of the R&D cycle

The DOE Smart Grid Program

The Smart Grid Research and Development (R&D) Program within the Research and Development Office of the DOE Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability (OE), in accordance with Title XIII of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), is tasked with accelerating the deployment and integration of advanced communication and control systems that are needed to modernize the nation’s electric delivery network. The comprehensive and rigorous R&D effort proposed in this Multi-Year Program Plan (MYPP) is foundational in advancing both the underlying science and the technology required to realize smart grid capabilities and benefits.

The vision of the Smart Grid R&D Program is that:
By 2030, the power grid has evolved into an intelligent energy delivery system that supports plug-and-play integration of dispatchable and intermittent low-carbon energy sources, and provides a platform for consumer engagement in load management, national energy independence, innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic security. This smart grid supports the best and most secure electric services available in the world and connects everyone to abundant, affordable, high quality, environmentally conscious, efficient, and reliable electric power.

The OE defines the smart grid by seven performance-based functionalities: 1) customer participation, 2) integration of all generation and storage options, 3) new markets and operations, 4) power quality for the 21st Century, 5) asset optimization and operational efficiency, 6) self healing from disturbances, and 7) resiliency against attacks and disasters. These functionalities will lead to achieving the Smart Grid R&D Program’s four primary outcomes of reduced peak demand, improved operational and system efficiency, higher grid reliability and resilience, and lower carbon emissions and higher economic productivity from integration of more distributed and renewable generation. While the smart grid transformation is a continuing process, the Smart Grid R&D Program has defined a target goal for each outcome to support the OE’s 2030 vision for grid modernization. The Smart Grid 2030 Targets and associated key milestones are:

  • 20% reduction in the nation’s peak energy demand
  • Demonstrate 10% peak load reduction or improvement in asset utilization on two prototypical feeder systems by 2010
  • 100% availability to serve all critical loads at all times and a range of reliability services for other loads
  • Develop integrated distribution management systems (DMS) for distribution automation by 2014; demonstrate DMS under real-use conditions by 2015
  • 40% improvement in system efficiency and asset utilization to achieve a load factor of 70%
  • Demonstrate prognostic health management technologies and distributed sensors for critical distribution system assets by 2014
  • 20% of electricity capacity from distributed and renewable energy sources (200 GW)
  • Demonstrate fast voltage regulation and overvoltage protection solutions under high penetration of renewable energy by 2014

These 2030 Targets support the 2010 OE Strategic Goals under the Secretarial Objectives of science, discovery and innovation; clean secure energy; economic prosperity; and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The portfolio of Smart Grid R&D Program activities will primarily focus on distribution systems and consumer devices, including interfaces and integration with transmission and generation systems. The R&D areas are organized into the following five topics:

  1. Standards & Best Practices
  2. Technology Development
  3. Modeling
  4. Analysis
  5. Evaluation & Demonstrations

The Smart Grid subprogram also supports a Power Electronics effort to address the development of advanced semiconductor materials and devices that will provide the future power grid with faster switching, more flexible power conversion, and better flow control leading to decreased costs and a higher level of resiliency.

This was a new program structure in FY 2010 which combined activities funded prior to FY 2010 in the Renewable and Distributed Systems Integration subprogram, as well as in power electronics (as part of the Energy Storage and Power Electrics subprogram).

More information about the DOE Smart Grid program can be found on the OE website, including the Smart Grid R&D Multi-Year Program Plan. Additional information about Smart Grid projects, technologies, news and resources can be found on the website.